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Por qué Pedales del Mundo

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The Madrid´s marathon is celebrated a certain day of the year, as well as that of Paris or New York. The same thing we might say of all the Cycle Competitions. Tomorrow we might realize all these tests since the streets already are there and the roads have not moved of place. But, truth that would be a stupidity to do it that way?
The same thing happens with the routes of PEDALES DEL MUNDO. The ways are for years, even for centuries. Some of these are protected, without possibility to go in bicycle within of them, having to go by foot close to our bicycle during some hundreds of meters or to turn aside not to obstruct the natural habitat of certain species.
Precisely one of the commitments of PEDALES DEL MUNDO is the deep respect towards the environment, which we report to all the persons who do someone of our routes. Not to expire with these requirements can mean three serious problems for the persons and for the environment: 
1. To ill-treat protected zones, without respecting the beginning of the sustainability and preventing that future generations know the same place as we have known it.
2.  To prevent that other persons in a future could happen for these zones since the competent administration will deny his step, losing value the territory.
3.  The possibility that they impose an economic sanction on them.
From the creation of the first route of PEDALES DEL MUNDO, Pedals de Foc, we had clear that the territory where it was happening had to be the maximum beneficiary of this project. All the persons who have realized it have contributed to that men and women of small peoples or villages, have the opportunity to continue living in the place where they were born and that there continue supporting the traditions of his forbears.
PEDALES DEL MUNDO it is something more than a few routes in bicycle. Only in his heart you will find the purest essence of a mysterious but active ingredient that it will make you feel better and that is based on the respect and on the help to the others and of belonging to a group that tries to give the better thing of if same without expecting to receive anything in exchange.
Those who do these routes for free difficultly they will perceive this feeling since unfortunately they will not form a part of them, beside not knowing all the punctual incidents, requirements of safety and of respect to our way, putting them in danger.
PEDALES DEL MUNDO donates 0, 7 % of his turnover for the improvement of the living conditions of the most disadvantaged. Contribute that this world is better!
Remember that the only way of realizing a route of Pedals of the World only is across PEDALES DEL MUNDO.


1. To reserve without any cost, since with only an e-mail or a simple telephonic call all the management is realized.
2. Not to have to realize one pays and sign for each of the housings, saving yourself expenses in bank transfers.

3. Discounts in some hotels of the tour. All the prices that we offer are at the maximum, which his rate marks. If you find a cheaper price of which we receive you, we return the difference to you.

4. To enjoy advantages in many hotels, since washing the cyclist's clothes without any cost, free sheets in lodgings.

5. To be able to have a shower without having to pay anything on having finished any of our offers.

6. To move to the place of exit in some cases without any cost.

7. To have a series of gifts in the inscription which purchase price they would suppose three times more than his value.

8. Discounts in bars or restaurants associated without limit of caducity.

9. To enjoy the advantages of the card Pedals of the World, since a free fixed price obtains.

10. The exclusive t-shirt that it is not possible to buy as reward on having finished any of our routes.

11. To know where you are every day during your adventure, which allows us to act with the maximum diligence at the moment of which you have some problem of health or with your bicycle.